What is mGear?

mGear is a rigging and animation framework for Autodesk Maya. mGear provides a set of convenient modules, tools and c++ solvers to streamline the development of rigging and animation tools.

Is mGear a modular rigging system?

Yes, mGear have modular rigging system called Shifter.

Is mGear providing animation tools?

Yes. Synoptic, Crank and softTweaks are animation tools. And we have more in the kitchen.

Will be always free and open source?


Who can use mGear?

mGear is for everybody who needs to create a rigs or develop rigging tools. For example riggers and animators without programming knowledge can use it out of the box to generate infinite variety of rigs combinations. TDs with Python and C++ knowledge can also extend the functionality and adapt it to her/his needs/pipeline.

Why mGear’s Shifter use custom solvers instead of Maya standard solvers?

The default components provides with Shifter are using custom solvers to simplify the rig construction encapsulating complex functionality and improve the playback performance. But you can create your own component without using the custom solvers.

Does mGear have the same functions/tools of Gear Softimage?

No, mGear doesn’t have all the functions that Gear has. Some of the functions will be implemented in the future, some of them never will be implemented. It depends if the tool can be apply to Maya workflow and philosophy.

What I get out of the box?

  • Shifter: Modular rigging system. (Exp: bipeds, quadrupeds, birds, creatures, robots, mechanical props, unlimited limbs, etc… )

  • C++ Solvers: High performance rigs.

  • Synoptic viewer: Animators interface and picker

  • Rigbits: General purpose rigging tools.

Why should I add mGear to my pipeline?

  • mGear is free and open source

  • Don’t have any license cost, so it is ideal for scalability.

  • mGear is production proven tool since 2010 (Softimage Gear 1.0)

  • Shifter modular rigging system is easy to learn and fun to use.

  • Ready for game engine.

Who is currently developing mGear?

The mGear Development Team. Please check the website or github for more information.