Functions to work with skinCluster data.

This module is derivated from Chad Vernon’s Skin IO.

`Chad Vernon’s github

<>`_, dagPath, components, dataDic), dataDic), dagPath, components, dataDic), objs=None, *args), objs=None, *args), objs=None, use_json=False, *args), dagPath, components)

Get the skincluster weights

  • skinCls (PyNode) – The skincluster node
  • dagPath (MDagPath) – The skincluster dagpath
  • components (MObject) – The skincluster components

The skincluster weights

Return type:


Get the geometry components from skincluster

Parameters:skinCls (PyNode) – The skincluster node
Returns:The dagpath for the components componets: The skincluster componets
Return type:dagPath, *args)

Get the skincluster of a given object

Parameters:obj (dagNode) – The object to get skincluster
Returns:The skin cluster pynode object
Return type:pyNode, tag='*')

Get the mesh components from the component tag expression

Thanks to Roy Nieterau a.k.a BigRoyNL from colorBleed for the snippet

  • skinCls (PyNode) – Skin cluster node
  • tag (str, optional) – Component tag expression

The dagpath tho the shpe and the MObject components

Return type:

dagPath, MObject, *args), *args)*args), dagPath, components, dataDic, compressed), dataDic, compressed), dagPath, components, dataDic, compressed), targetMesh=None, *args)