mGear is a rigging and animation framework for Autodesk Maya. mGear provides a set of convenient modules, tools and c++ solvers to streamline the development of rigging and animation tools.

Originally mGear was design and develope by Jeremie Passerin , since 2013 Miquel Campos continued the project and evolved to the current design. From 2018 mGear is developed by the mGear Dev team

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Big Thanks! to all contributors


from Miquel:

Big thanks to Jeremie Passerin , he is the real master behind mGear design. I am just following his steps and continuing what he started.

Also special big thanks to Ingo Clemens for the OSX solver compilation and Gaetan Guidet for the Linux solver compilation and guidance in my C++ desert of knowledge.

Thanks to Chad Vernon , for his fantastic tutorials and open-source tools. Some of mGear’s parts wouldn’t be possible without it.

And thanks!! to all the people who help me and support this project :)

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mGear have been used at Studio AKA for San Pellegrino ‘Dining By Starlight’. Rigged by Adam Avery


I can’t promise any kind of support and this tool is provided “AS IS”. Please read the LICENSE for more information.

However, I am committed to continue developing mGear. So please, do not hesitate contact us if you found any bug or possible improvement.