mgear.rigbits.postSpring module

Post Spring tool

creates a spring dynamic rig on top of a pre-existing FK chain rig.


Shortcut fro the Maya’s Bake Simulation Options

mgear.rigbits.postSpring.postSpring(dist=5, hostUI=False, hostUI2=False, invertX=False)

Create the dynamic spring rig.

This spring system use the mgear_spring node And transfer the position spring to rotation spring using an aim constraint.


The selected chain of object should be align with the X axis.

  • dist (float) – The distance of the position spring.

  • hostUI (dagNode) – The spring active and intensity channel host.

  • hostUI2 (dagNode) – The daping and stiffness channel host for each object in the chain.

  • invertX (bool) – reverse the direction of the x axis.


Creates the post tool UI