addBlendedJoint([oSel, compScale, blend, ...])

Create and gimmick blended joint

addJnt([obj, parent, noReplace, grp, jntName])

Create one joint for each selected object.


Add a transform node as a neutral pose

addSupportJoint([oSel, select])

Add an extra joint to the blended joint.

alignToPointsLoop([points, loc, name])

Create space locator align to the plain define by at less 3 vertex

connectInvertSRT(source, target[, srt, axis])

Connect the locat transformations with inverted values.

connectLocalTransform([objects, s, r, t])

Connect scale, rotatio and translation.

connectUserDefinedChannels(source, targets)

Connects the user defined channels

connectWorldTransform(source, target)

Connect the source world transform of one object to another object.

connect_scale_from_world_matrix(driver, driven)

Set up node connections to make the driven object scale based on the driver object's world scale matrix.

createCTL([type, child])

Create a control for each selected object.

createInterpolateTransform([objects, blend])

Create space locator and apply gear_intmatrix_op, to interpolate the his pose between 2 selected objects.


Duplicate one dag hierarchy to/from X/-X renaming "L" to "R"


Match the position usin bounding box of another object another.


Align 2 selected objects in world space

replaceShape([source, targets])

Replace the shape of one object by another.


Select the deformers from the object skinCluster

spaceJump([ref, space])

Space Jump gimmick