Attribute creation functions


addAttribute(node, longName, attributeType)

Add attribute to a node

addColorAttribute(node, longName[, value, ...])

Add a color attribute to a node

addEnumAttribute(node, longName, value, enum)

Add an enumerate attribute to a node

addFCurve(node[, name, keys])

FCurve attribute

addProxyAttribute(sourceAttrs, targets[, ...])

Add proxy paramenter to a list of target dagNode Duplicated channel policy, stablish the rule in case the channel already exist on the target.

addVector3Attribute(node, longName[, value, ...])

Add a vector3 attribute to a node

add_mirror_config_channels(ctl[, conf])

Add channels to configure the mirror posing

change_default_value(attributes, defaultValue)

Change the default value of the attr

collect_attrs(node, attrs, attrs_list[, shapes])

Collect the channel full path in a list.

connectSet(source, target, testInstance)

Connect or set attributes

connect_add_dynamic_pivot(pivots, driven)

connect dynamic pivot with option to add offset channels on XYZ

connect_dynamic_pivot(pivot, driven)

connects translation of pivot dagNode to rotatePivot and scalePivot of the driven transform

connect_message(source, attr)

Connects the 'message' attribute of one or more source nodes to a destination attribute.

disconnect_inputs(node[, attributes])

Disconnects only the input connections of the specified attributes of the provided node.

disconnect_outputs(node[, attributes])

Disconnects only the output connections of the specified attributes of the provided node.


Get the selected channels on the channel box

getSelectedObjectChannels([oSel, ...])

Get the selected object channels.


Get the channel box

get_default_value(node, attribute)

Get the default attribute value


get the next available index from a multi attr This function is a workaround because the connect attr flag next available is not working.


Get the selected channels full path from channel box This function will collect channels from any area of the channel box.

has_in_connections(node[, attributes])

Checks if the provided node has any input connections on the specified attributes.

lockAttribute(node[, attributes])

Lock attributes of a node.

moveChannel(attr, sourceNode, targetNode[, ...])

Move channels keeping the output connections.

move_input_connections(source, target[, ...])

Move the input connections from source node to target node.

move_output_connections(source, target[, ...])

Move the output connections from source node to target node.

reset_SRT([objects, attributes])

Reset Scale Rotation and translation attributes to default value

reset_selected_channels_value([objects, ...])

Reset the the selected channels if not attribute is provided

setInvertMirror(node[, invList])

Set invert mirror pose values

setKeyableAttributes(nodes[, params])

Set keyable attributes of a node.

setNotKeyableAttributes(nodes[, attributes])

Set not keyable attributes of a node.

setRotOrder(node[, s])

Set the rotorder of the object.

set_default_value(node, attribute)

Set the default value to the attribute


Reset the SRT or the selected channels


unlockAttribute(node[, attributes])

Unlock attributes of a node.


FCurveParamDef(scriptName[, keys, ...])

Create an Fcurve parameter definition.

ParamDef(read as Parameter Definition)

Encapsulate the attribute creation arguments in a handy object.

ParamDef2(scriptName, valueType, value[, ...])

ParamDef2 inherit from ParamDef

colorParamDef(scriptName[, value])

Create a Color parameter definition.

enumParamDef(scriptName, enum[, value])

Create an enumarator parameter definition.