Apply operator module

Operators are any node that connected to other nodes creates a rig behaviour:

I.E: IK solvers and  constraints are operators


aimCns(obj, master[, axis, wupType, ...])

Apply a direction constraint

create_proximity_constraint(shape, in_trans)

Create a proximity constraint between a shape and a transform.

create_proximity_constraints(shape, ...)

Create a proximity constraint between a shape and a list of transforms.

curvecns_op(crv[, inputs])

gear_curvecns_op(crv[, inputs])

create mGear curvecns node.

gear_curveslide2_op(outcrv, incrv[, ...])

Apply a sn_curveslide2_op operator

gear_ikfk2bone_op([out, root, eff, upv, ...])

Apply a sn_ikfk2bone_op operator

gear_intmatrix_op(mA, mB[, blend])

create mGear interpolate Matrix node.

gear_inverseRotorder_op(out_obj, in_obj)

Apply a sn_inverseRotorder_op operator

gear_matrix_cns(in_obj[, out_obj, ...])

Create and connect matrix constraint node

gear_mulmatrix_op(mA, mB[, target, transform])

Create mGear multiply Matrix node.

gear_raycast(in_mesh, ray_source, ray_direction)

Create and connect mraycast node

gear_rollsplinekine_op(out[, controlers, u, ...])

Apply a sn_rollsplinekine_op operator

gear_spinePointAtOp(cns, startobj, endobj[, ...])

Apply a SpinePointAt operator

gear_spinePointAtOpWM(cns, startobj, endobj)

Apply a SpinePointAt operator using world matrix

gear_spring_op(in_obj[, goal])

Apply mGear spring node.

gear_squashstretch2_op(out[, sclref, ...])

Apply a sn_squashstretch2_op operator

oriCns(driver, driven[, maintainOffset])

Apply orientation constraint

parentCns(driver, driven[, maintain_offset])

Apply a parent constraint from driver to driven, skipping locked attributes, and allowing additional keyword arguments for the parentConstraint command.

pathCns(obj, curve[, cnsType, u, tangent])

Apply a path constraint or curve constraint.

splineIK(name, chn[, parent, cParent, curve])

Apply a splineIK solver to a chain.