NurbsCurve creation functions


addCnsCurve(parent, name, centers[, degree])

Create a curve attached to given centers.

addCurve(parent, name, points[, close, ...])

Create a NurbsCurve with a single subcurve.

add_linear_skinning_to_curve(curve_name, ...)

Adds a skinCluster to a curve and sets the skinning weights linearly among the list of joints based on the number of control points.

average_curve(crv, shapes[, average, ...])

Average the shape, rotation and scale of the curve bettwen n number of curves

collect_curve_data(objs[, rplStr])

Generate a dictionary descriving the curve data

collect_curve_shapes(crv[, rplStr])

Collect curve shapes data

collect_selected_curve_data([objs, rplStr])

Generate a dictionary descriving the curve data from selected objs

cox_de_boor(u, i, p, knots)

Cox-De Boor algorithm to evaluate B-Spline basis function.

createCurveFromCurve(srcCrv, name, nbPoints)

Create a curve from a curve

createCurveFromOrderedEdges(edgeLoop, ...[, ...])

Create a curve for a edgeloop ordering the list from starting vertex

createCuveFromEdges(edgeList, name[, ...])

Create curve from a edge list.

create_curve_from_data(data[, replaceShape, ...])

Build the curves from a given curve data dict

create_curve_from_data_by_name(crv, data[, ...])

Build one curve from a given curve data dict

create_locator_at_curve_point(object_names, ...)

Create a locator at a point on a cubic NURBS curve in Maya.

crv_parenting(data, crv[, rplStr, model])

Parent the new created curves

curl_curve(crvs[, amount, frequency])

evaluate_cubic_nurbs(control_points, percentage)

Evaluate a cubic NURBS curve at a given percentage.

export_curve([filePath, objs, rplStr])

Export the curve data to a json file

findLenghtFromParam(crv, param)

Find lengtht from a curve parameter

getCurveParamAtPosition(crv, position)

Get curve parameter from a position

getParamPositionsOnCurve(srcCrv, nbPoints)

get param position on curve


Get the color from shape node

get_uniform_world_positions_on_curve(curve, ...)

Get a specified number of uniformly distributed world positions along a NURBS curve.

import_curve([filePath, replaceShape, ...])




lock_length(crv[, lock])

rebuild_curve(crvs, spans)

set_color(node, color)

Set the color in the Icons.

set_thickness(crv[, thickness])

smooth_curve(crvs[, smooth_factor])

straighten_curve(crvs[, straighteness, ...])

update_curve_from_data(data[, rplStr])

update the curves from a given curve data dict

update_curve_from_file([filePath, rplStr])