Functions to create and connect nodes.


add_controller_tag(ctl[, tagParent])

Add a controller tag

controller_tag_connect(ctt, tagParent)


createAddNode(inputA, inputB)

Create and connect a addition node.


Create and connect multiple add nodes

createBlendNode(inputA, inputB[, blender])

Create and connect a createBlendNode node.

createClampNode(input, in_min, in_max)

Create and connect a clamp node

createClampNodeMulti(name[, inputs, in_min, ...])

Create and connect multiple clamp nodes

createConditionNode([firstTerm, secondTerm, ...])

Create and connect a condition node.


Create and connect a curveInfo node.


Create and connect a decomposeMatrix node.

createDistNode(objA, objB[, output])

Create and connect a distance node.

createDivNode(inputA, inputB[, output])

Create and connect a Divide node.

createDivNodeMulti(name[, inputs1, inputs2])

Create and connect multiple divide nodes

createMulDivNode(inputA, inputB[, ...])

Create and connect a Multiply or Divide node.

createMulNode(inputA, inputB[, output])

Create and connect a Multiply node.

createMulNodeMulti(name[, inputs])

Create and connect multiple multiply nodes

createMultMatrixNode(mA, mB[, target, transform])

Create Maya multiply Matrix node.

createNegateNodeMulti(name[, inputs])

Create and connect multiple negate nodes

createPairBlend([inputA, inputB, blender, ...])

Create and connect a PairBlend node.

createPickMatrix([m, out_m, scale, rotate, ...])


createPlusMinusAverage1D(input[, operation, ...])

Create a multiple average node 1D. :param input: The input values. :type input: attr, float or list :param operation: Node operation. 0=None, 1=sum, 2=subtract, 3=average :type operation: int :param output: The attribute to connect the result. :type output: attr.

createPowNode(inputA, inputB[, output])

Create and connect a power node.

createReverseNode(input[, output])

Create and connect a reverse node.

createSetRangeNode(input, oldMin, oldMax[, ...])

Create Set Range Node

createSubNode(inputA, inputB)

Create and connect a subtraction node.

createVertexPositionNode(inShape[, vId, ...])

Creates a mgear_vertexPosition node